Solving Problems

Customer Problem Solving

Tom Burenga, Chairman at Worksaver Myers Spring Co. helps our customers solve their problems with our services, support, and products on a daily basis. We partner with our clients from the design phase to the delivery phase in order to provide them the highest quality springs for the lowest possible cost. We do this by giving you access to our more than 66 years of experience in the spring industry.

This section is dedicated to providing an area for you to see how we have helped previous clients and to gather ideas on how we can help you. Learn how Myers Spring helped Worksaver in this FEMA article.

Fortune 500 Ag Company
A Fortune 500 ag company was experiencing load loss after painting our springs. Root cause determined that the painting process was contributing to the issue. We conducted an engineering analysis and helped our customer design a spring that is more robust and will hold up to the paint requirements.

Fortune 500 Automotive Company
One of our long term customers, a Fortune 500 automotive company, contacted us with an emergency. They were having failures and downtime on parts procured from a different vendor. We helped re-engineer the part and were able to have the new parts on test by the next day. Subsequent redesigns followed to help fortify the part for future production. Production parts were approved and in production in less than 2 weeks. We are currently exceeding the cycle test requirements and are 100% testing 2 loads in a highly automated process in order to meet our customer’s production demands.

Automotive Fluid Storage Customer
We received a request from an automotive fluid storage systems customer who was having problems with their current supplier being able to deliver quality parts, on time. A design analysis revealed that the wrong material was being used and a redesign was in order. Upon approval of redesign, the customer was able to reduce their failures by 85%. We were able to supply the new design for review within a few days and to their production line within a few weeks of approval.

High Performance Pump & Water Customer
A high performance pump & water system customer called on us to send an engineer to their facility for help. They were having design related failures in a current product line. Our engineer reviewed their assembly and helped design a more robust spring for the intended function of the part. The new parts, using the new design, were produced the next day to keep the customer from having a line down situation.

Industrial Customer

Our industrial customer was experiencing a high scrap rate in the field. A design analysis determined the design of the part was not robust enough for the long term use that is required, as the end user currently requires a much higher cycle life than had originally been expected. The part was redesigned to fit existing mating parts, but to increase the cycle life. The redesign eliminated the warranty claims associated with this failure mode.

Previous Supplier

A previous supplier was unable to meet the lead time demands of our off-road customer. We took what would have normally been a 3-month project and condensed it into 3-weeks in order to help them keep their production line moving.