Myers Spring Leadership

Myers Spring Co. is built on the principles of Walt Myers. His goal was to design and produce quality fine wire precision springs – through attention to detail, ability to satisfy customer requirements, and the guidance of his partner, Don Lindley - he achieved this goal. Today, Myers follows in Walt’s footsteps with that same legendary quality and service.

Walter L. Myers founded Myers Spring Company in 1946, today Todd Miller is the President.

In Midwest manufacturing, Todd Miller is a vanguard innovator and force for change. Having worked in Japan for a renowned industrial leader, he has introduced cutting-edge production techniques from Asia and Europe to an industry in need of a revolution.

In 1996, Todd Miller and his wife Gretchen decided to return to Indiana, and in 2000 Todd assumed the presidency of the company his grandfather, Walter L. Myers, had founded in a Logansport garage in 1946 and his father, Craig Miller, had shepherded from 1985 until 2000. Applying his experience and knowledge from overseas, Todd saw immediate and significant results in employee morale, product quality, and the bottom line. Under Todd’s stewardship, Myers Spring has doubled its production facility to 53,000 ft2, tripled revenue, and quadrupled EBITDA.

Describing his leadership style, Todd says, “It’s about respecting and valuing the individual. Everyone at Myers Spring is a manager. Everyone here manages people, processes, or both. And each of these managers is accountable and shares in the rewards of success.”

To his customers, Todd has a special message: "One thing you can expect from us is a frank, open relationship.  It's part of the whole Kaizen ideal.  We believe that 80% of the cost of your spring is in the design and will give you honest feedback on them.  We love to work closely with you to look at how the part and the processes add up to meet your needs and help you conquer your market. And we expect the same frankness and openness from everyone we work with — customers, associates, vendors, and owners — the whole stakeholder gamut."

“With our special brand of frankness and openness,” continues Todd, “comes a net energy to the customer. We offer advice and insights you can’t get anywhere else. Not to mention truly great products. We feel it’s the win-win philosophy at its best.”

In his spare time, Todd enjoys being with his family, fishing, flying and photography.  He believes that being a good citizen includes being involved in his community by participating in and supporting his Church, local non-profits and politics.