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Myers Spring Attends WHIN's annual Meeting & Proposer's Day

Myers Spring attends WHIN's 2019 annual meeting & proposer's day

Myers Spring Company attended WHIN's 2019 Annual Meeting at Ivy Tech’s Lafayette Campus. Over 140 regional stakeholders, partners and friends were in attendance, representing all 10 counties in the Wabash Heartland. During the meeting, WHIN highlighted key areas of their efforts through short videos, recognized 12 exemplary people as WHIN Champions, and the 8 recipients of Round 1 Regional Cultivation Fund presented how each of their projects will increase the quality of place in the Wabash Heartland.

Proposer’s Day was held following the Annual Meeting to kick off Round 2 of the Regional Cultivation Fund. The main purpose of Proposer’s Day was to spur collaborations and partnerships for big-impact, multi-county, multi-entity, IoT related projects that will enhance quality of place in the WHIN region that could be funded through WHIN's $10M Regional Cultivation Fund. Twelve groups in the region presented their project ideas and connected with potential partners who could offer resources and expertise needed for the project.

Purdue’s Digital Ag Roundtable was held on September 10th. Participants learned of workforce development for digital agriculture, UAV applications in crop production, micrometeorology, weather stations used in nitrogen usage research, and phenotyping data capture and processing. During the poster session, several faculty, staff, and students presented recent findings and related activities, including Digital Ag Education, an introduction to IoT devices, and the Digital Ag testbed.

Purdue and Ivy Tech are important parters of WHIN, and they have been working together to find ways to further strengthen thier relationship in order to benefit the region. Purdue's Birck Nanotechnology Sensor Team has been working with Ivy Tech to plan and implement the installation of sensors in the farm field plot at Ivy Tech. Recently, five of Purdue's sensor nodes were installed in the Ivy Tech farm, each collecting data on soil moisture, temperature, nitrates and electric connectivity.

Todd Miller, President & CEO of Myers Spring, named WHIN Champion

Todd Miller, President & CEO of Myers Spring named WHIN ChampionEach month WHIN features a few exemplary individuals in the 10-county WHIN region who are innovators and early-adopters of IoT technology. They are trailblazers within the WHIN ecosystem, important elements of our growing network of interconnected innovators. WHIN calls them WHIN Champions.

Myers Spring, located in Logansport, has been a WHIN partner from the beginning. Todd not only sits on WHIN's Board of Directors but he is also beta testing the new supply chain tool. He is excited at the opportunity to reduce supply chain leakage and keep opportunities within the region. “Everyday we must find a way to stay at least 5% ahead of the competition and WHIN is giving us those opportunities.” said Todd. They implement a state of the art ERP system, team viewer, to monitor machines for preventative maintenance and diagnose issues. This allows Todd to have a service based relationship with suppliers, because they can monitor the machines and make recommendations. Scara robots, a collaborative robot, allows the machine to work hand in hand with the human operator to complete projects in less time. Todd doesn’t see the integration of technology in manufacturing to slow down in the future, he sees future opportunities like block chain technology, and others, to someday become invaluable pieces of his business.