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New wire forming machine for myers spring

New wire forming machine at Myers Spring.

Myers Spring Company announces the addition of the Wafios 25 wire forming machine to its line of equipment, the first of seven new machines to be added over the next few months.  Myers Spring plans to invest $1.5 million in new equipment this year and another $1 million or more within the next year.

The Wafios 25 wire forming machine is capable of producing simple wire spring at a rate up to 4,000 per hour, dependent upon the spring being produced, and is able to do the work of four older wire forming machines.  Two or three parts of the spring can also be formed at the same time with this machine.  The new machine can also boost productivity not only with the increased production, but also in changeover.  Changing attachments for the Wafios 25 can be done in around two hours and can be started while part of the machine is still producing springs.

Myers Spring Company produces quality, fine wire precision springs with wire diameters ranging from 0.006” to .719”.  These springs are produced from a range of materials and are integral components for a variety of products, including high tech–precision instruments, military applications, industrial, automotive, agricultural equipment, appliances, toys and many other consumer products.